Grow your organic search traffic, build your search engine visibility and optimise your site for conversions with freelance SEO consultancy.

Visitors who reach your site through organic search results stay longer and spend more money than those from other channels. I can help you devise and execute a search engine optimisation strategy that brings the most valuable kind of visitors to your website.

SEO audit

The major search engines make continuous updates to their technologies. Consumer behaviour changes all the time. In a fast-changing digital landscape, an SEO strategy can quickly become outdated. I can help you devise a new strategy for growing your organic search traffic based on the needs and behaviours of your most valuable audiences. I’ll also help you put it into practice using as many of your existing content assets as possible.

SEO training

The most valuable digital content considers SEO at every stage of conception, creation, publication and promotion. Yet most digital teams lack up-to-date knowledge of, how to do this. I can deliver a one-day training session for content teams, with practical exercises in keyword research, on-page optimisation and content promotion.

SEO package

The most effective SEO strategies are iterative. Regular monitoring of rankings and traffic help to identify new opportunities to capture valuable audiences via search. I can provide a retained SEO service with reports and recommendations for activity delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Google Analytics and Tag Manager setup

To optimise your site for the most valuable kinds of visitors, you first need to work out who those visitors are. I can help you set up and configure Google Analytics to gather valuable data on visitor behaviour. Using audience segments and conversion tracking, we’ll optimise your site to convert more high-value visitors into customers.

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