MVF are providers of a world-leading customer generation platform. As publishers of large amounts of web content, they needed to train their editorial team in the basics of search engine optimisation.

Problem: new starters with limited SEO knowledge

MVF’s demand generation services require the publication of large volumes of web content, which in turn requires a large content publishing team. In addition, the company’s growth plans meant that the publishing team had to expand significantly in 2016. But the recent graduates the company planned to take on would have no practical experience of the SEO methods vital to MVF’s success.

Solution: tailored SEO training materials

I worked with MVF’s newly created search academy to create vital elements of a 6-day training programme for new starters in the publishing team. Covering key concepts like how Google’s search engine works, the importance of links to SEO, an introduction to content marketing, and how to write copy that converts, the guides have become a fixture in the team’s induction process.

SEO training for MVF


Results: a confident publishing team and growing SEO revenue

The new induction process featuring the SEO training material has helped many new starters in MVFs publishing team get to grips with the basics of content marketing and search engine optimisation. The team continues to grow rapidly and the revenue generated by their SEO activities provides an excellent return on investment.

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