MoveHub helps people who are moving to a new country research and plan their relocation. They needed help devising and implementing content strategy for the new site, including creating information-rich content for over a hundred global destinations.

Problem: building search engine visibility quickly

To launch the new site successfully, MoveHub needed to quickly build search engine visibility around important keyword phrases used by their target audience. The strategy which would help them achieve this would be to produce in-depth guides to moving to a wide range of destination countries and cities. However, MoveHub lacked the in-house resources to research and write these guides in the appropriate timescale.

Solution: thoroughly-researched, well-written, optimised, ready-to-publish content

I consulted with the team at MoveHub to help them define the content types required to cover the target keyword phrases and agree on a tone of voice in which to speak to the target audience. I then set about researching and writing in-depth guides to moving to a range of countries and cities from the UK, which were delivered on time, in stages, over the following months. The content was provided ready-to-publish, freeing up internal resources to concentrate on promoting the site.

Results: rapidly growing search visibility, inbound links and traffic

Launching as a new site in 2013, MoveHub rapidly picked up high search engine rankings for a large volume of valuable keyword phrases. It regularly ranks higher than domains like, and for terms on which those sites compete. The focus on providing users with quality content has also attracted a large number of links from other sites, further improving rankings and traffic, and has led to excellent conversion rates.

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