Manifesto is London-based agency which collaborates with exceptional clients on projects which require both creativity and technical excellence. They needed help coming up with a first content strategy.

Problem: building an audience and generating sales enquiries

As a new agency at the time (2013), Manifesto wanted to build their digital brand and grow an audience of digital, marketing and technology professionals, all with the aim of developing new business opportunities and generating sales leads. To do this they needed to improve the content on their website and find a sustainable way to produce and promote content that would help nuture an audience of prospective customers.

Solution: a multi-channel content strategy harnessing the knowledge of subject matter experts

I worked with the Manifesto team to develop a first content strategy to build brand awareness and trust among UK digital professionals. The strategy involved publishing across multiple outlets including the website, blog, external sites and social media. I worked with subject matter experts in the agency to produce informative, insightful content to attract the right kind of visitors to the website. I also worked with project managers to write case studies which would build trust among prospective customers.

As well as helping produce hundreds of blog posts, articles, case studies, email newsletters and landing pages for Manifesto, I also created and executed an SEO strategy to build search engine presence and grow organic traffic to the website.

Result: a rapidly growing audience of prospective customers

In my first year working with the agency, the Manifesto website audience grew from around 200 unique users per month to around 800. In the second year this number increased to around 3,000, and in the third year rose to around 8,500 unique users per month. The website has also generated many valuable new business enquiries and helped to grow a large email marketing list.

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