Laser Systems provide comprehensive learning platforms for a multitude of clients in business, education and healthcare. They needed help producing engaging, informative content for use in a lead generation campaign.

Problem: generating sales leads for e-learning platforms

Laser Systems were running lead generation campaigns for two of their key products: an e-learning tool for care staff and a maths teaching app for secondary school students. They needed to produce content assets that could be used to attract the right kinds of audiences, build trust with those audiences, and encourage them to contact the company for more info.

Solution: informative content which met the audiences’ needs

I first helped Laser System’s marketing agency research and write buyer personas for both of the key audiences: care home managers and secondary school maths teachers. These personas, outlining the audiences needs, aspirations, pain points and behaviours were used to plan and execute the entire lead generation campaign.

Next I researched and wrote content assets that would be used as lead magnets in the campaign: an infographic and eBook aimed at care home managers; and an eBook aimed at secondary maths teachers.

Laser Systems eBook example


Result: enhanced trust and qualified sales leads

The professionally designed content assets were a key component of the successful lead generation campaign. They provided informative, timely information to the target audiences, showing that Laser Systems understands their professional problems and can help solve them. Because the content was written specifically for the company’s best prospects, the resulting enquiries were qualified sales leads.

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