How to plan a successful content audit

Does your website content deliver the most possible value for your organisation? Does every page support the needs of your users and drive them towards taking valuable action? Is your content optimised for the channels where you’re promoting it? Once your site reaches a certain size, these questions can be difficult to answer without undertaking… Continue reading How to plan a successful content audit

The ABCs of content marketing

Since content marketing became a thing, many organisations have felt the pressure to do it. They set out to produce lots of content for the web and social media, but without a clear idea of how to achieve their goals. The result: poor engagement and very little return on investment. In this post, I’ll set out my three… Continue reading The ABCs of content marketing

Tips on creating a successful blogging strategy

The secret to successful blogging is a well thought out blogging strategy. But finding time to blog is hard enough without having to find time for planning too. Is there a quick way to define a strategy for your personal or business blog?